Learn to paint tiles and transform your service area

Home interior painter
Ever wanted to paint that tile that has a print or a color that doesn’t match the rest of your
decor? We are here to show you that it is possible to renovate without breaking the bank and
completely transform a service area. For this, choosing the ideal paint to apply on tiles makes
all the difference when repainting.
To paint the tiles you will need Suvinil Multissurfaces. A water-based epoxy, which is ideal for
this and other surfaces such as: wood, metal, tiles, glass and masonry. The paint dries to the
touch in just 30 minutes and protects the wall from mold. We do not recommend the
application on floors, rubber surfaces, doors that use rubber gasket for sealing and in the
internal areas of shower stalls.
We invited Edu Mendes, from the Doedu.co channel, to show a step-by-step video on how to
use this paint to transform the decoration of the service area. In addition to using Suvinil
Multisurfaces in white color, Edu bet on Suvinil Matte Complete, in Silver Bali color to contrast
with the green of the plants.

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